monitoring your security

Who are we?

Connexcenter gladly assists you with your security needs. Our post-alarm service will quickly and efficiently notify you by phone. Our operators are trained to assist you in a friendly and correct manner. With over 10 years of experience we have competent people at our disposal who will take care of your security in a professional manner.


In 2002 a group of installers joined forces and decided to set up a new alarm receiving centre. Their idea soon materialised and the name Connexcenter was created at the end of 2002. In less than 6 months, a building located at Avenue du Commerce 4 in Enghien was completely converted so as to comply with all standards and legislation concerning alarm receiving centres.


In early 2004, Connexcenter received its license from the Ministry of the Interior and was officially launched. Each installer/shareholder brought in customers so a sustainable financial situation was quickly reached.


The central concept of our services has been clear from the start. For us, the customer always comes first and we provide ‘quality service at a fair price’.


Our goal is to provide high-quality services in an appropriate manner by means of the most recent technologies. This way, we have tried to stand out and have attracted other partners from outside the investment group so that their customers are connected to our alarm receiving centre as well. Our ever expanding customer base indicates that the provision of high-quality services is indispensable for many people.


At the end of 2004, Connexcenter passed 7000 connections and we received over 15,000 signals a day!


In 2011 the group of installers was expanded further and we increased our technical facilities. The building located at Avenue du Commerce soon became too small and we therefore decided to move to a new high-tech site which complied with the most recent safety standards in our industry.


On 17 March 2014 we moved to our new premises located at Rue Jean Burgers 5a in the Qualitis business park and we continue under the slogan ‘Not the biggest but the best’.


In 2017, Connexcenter became part of Stanley Security Belgium BV. This makes us a major player in the world of alarm monitoring and offers unprecedented opportunities.


In 2020 Connexcenter has launched a new Alarm Monitoring software. This package is immediately future-oriented and already has the first steps of Artificial Intelligence on board, which can support the operator during alarm handling.


In early 2021 Connexcenter can rightfully call itself the owner of an EN50518 certificate. We can prove that we are equal to other European alarm receiving centres in terms of organisation and structural measures.


In July 2022, we joined Securitas, as part of the global acquisition of Stanley Security by Securitas. Our combined expertise will provide even greater value for our customers.


At your service!