monitoring your security


Welcome to Connexcenter

‘Our goal is to deliver high-quality services. Our staff ensures this by means of the most recent technologies.’


Connexcenter guarantees an efficient reaction to alarms within seconds, 24/7

To ensure your safety, you have an alarm system which is designed to meet you needs and to the risks you wish to avoid (burglary, fire, the combination of burglary and car theft, technical and industrial risks).

In the event that an intrusion is detected or a fire alarm is triggered, you need to be able to count on someone who can manage the situation in an efficient manner:

Someone who can verify very quickly whether it concerns an actual break-in or a false alarm, cigarette smoke or a blazing fire, ...

Someone who is able to call the appropriate emergency services (the police, the fire brigade, a technical team, ...)



Our guarantees for your safety: Our know-how and the most innovative technology

  • Connexcenter consists of a professional team which is available 24/7 to provide friendly and efficient personal assistance in emergency situations (burglary, fire,  medical alarm, ...).
  • Connexcenter invests in technologies which may be of use to you tomorrow.
  • Connexcenter complies with the strictest standards in terms of remote surveillance.