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What kind of IP Receivers are available at Connexcenter?

The data transmission between the alarm panel, at the premises of the customer, and the Alarm Receiving Centre Connexcenter, will change rapidly in the coming years. This is due to the fact that the technical evolution, in digital communication techniques, is making more and more use of the IP platform.  Connexcenter has already a lot of reliable IP Receivers that can cope with this kind of evolution. Here you can find more info about the type of IP Receivers.

Why is Connexcenter based in Enghien?

Our company deliberately chose to operate just outside the Brussels area. This means we are never hindered by traffic jams while we are still easily accessible thanks to our central location in Belgium. In our new buildings we furthermore enjoy the latest data connections made available to us at the hyper modern Qualitis business park.

How to connect to Connexcenter as a client?

Connexcenter is a licensed emergency centre which always works together with certified burglar and fire alarm installers. Ask your installer to connect your installation to our alarm receiving centre.

Are you taking over a security installation and is the installer unknown to you? Take a look on the website of the Home Affairs Federal Public Service where you can find an updated list of certified installers near you.

Is it necessary to notify the authorities of a burglar alarm?

Good news for clients connected to Connexcenter. We make sure the authorities are aware of your installation.

If you are not connected to an emergency centre, we advise you to contact your certified installer, who will tell you how best to go about notifying the authorities of your alarm system.

Mind that notification is compulsory by law!

Is it possible to install a burglar alarm if you have pets?

A burglar alarm consists of movement sensors, among other things. The word says it all, they detect movement.Your certified installer can advise you further on the matter, but one thing is for certain: ‘There is only one solution for the self-willed cat: keep it out of the armed zones...'


How to avoid false alarms?

First of all, you should make sure that your installation undergoes regular maintenance by a certified installer (preferably on an annual basis). This makes false alarms less likely. False alarms increase the workload at Connexcenter and interfere with the continuity of our service. Unnecessary intervention by the emergency services may even result in a charge which can be very high, depending on the kind of intervention. Below you can find some tips based on our practical experience:

  • Activate your alarm system on a regular basis, not just when you leave on holiday.
  • Ask your certified installer to replace all batteries at least every 4 years in case of wired alarm systems and at least every 2 years in case of wireless alarm systems.
  • If parts of your property are going to be wallpapered, painted and/or renovated, you should contact your certified installer and have him move or deactivate any devices that are in the way. If necessary, ask Connexcenter to temporarily put the installation in 'Test mode' until after completion of the works. Do not in any case open a detection point yourself.
  • Check whether all windows and doors have been closed properly when you leave the building so as to prevent any draughts from causing false alarms. In winter, you should also verify whether no additional heating units have been left on (pull the plug to be sure, as some units continue to heat a room even when they are at the lowest possible setting).
  • When arriving at the building, ensure that nobody enters an armed zone. Let in only one person with a code who can turn off the system before you let in the rest.
  • In autumn, you should check whether there are no spiders nesting around your movement sensors.These small animals like laying eggs in movement sensors.

How to optimise your security system?

If you want to reduce the risk of burglary or fire to a minimum, simply installing detection systems is not sufficient. They also need to be connected to an emergency centre which can guarantee decent follow-up.

In addition, you need to seek detailed advice regarding the physical measures (locks, doors, ...) and organisational measures (key and code management) that can optimise your security concept. Do not hesitate to contact a certified installer who can assist you in this.

Why connect to Connexcenter?

Connexcenter has been active in the emergency centre world for over 10 years and focuses its attention on the client. If you are looking for an emergency centre which is known to provide ‘quality service at a fair price’,Connexcenter is the place to be. After all, our ISO 9001:2015 quality manual states that we strive to be

'not the biggest but the best'.

Our operators are trained to treat all clients in a friendly and correct manner. They completely appreciate the fact that alarms can be quite stressful for you. They will therefore do everything in their power to help you as quickly as possible.

Does Connexcenter also support remote video surveillance?

Of course we are equipped for remote video surveillance. However, it is advisable that you contact Connexcenter in advance (together with your installer) to see which products can be connected to our alarm receiving centre without any technical limitations.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Commercial Support service. Contact details:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0032 (0)2/398.01.20

How to connect your clients to Connexcenter as a certified installer?

Certified installers can contact our Commercial Support service. Contact details:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0032 (0)2/398.01.20

You need to provide the following details:

  • Your certification number or Home Affairs Federal  Public Service number
  • Your VAT and registration number
  • Your INCERT number (if you wish to connect INCERT certified clients)

Are your details safe with Connexcenter?

Connexcenter is in compliance with all statutory requirements (IBZ license) imposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and furthermore meets all standards imposed by insurance companies (INCERT) and the requirements of the National Security Authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The following checks are carried out to see whether we continue to meet the requirements above:

  • Annual inspections by a certified oversight mechanism of burglar and fire alarms as well as electrical installations
  • Annual evaluation by a certified oversight mechanism of our ISO 9001:2015 quality label
  • Annual report to the National Security Authority on the security clearances of our staff
  • Audit of our INCERT standard every two and a half years
  • Recertification of our ISO 9001:2015 quality label every three years
  • Inspection and extension of our permit every five years.

In other words, our clients’ details are in safe hands.